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Guangzhou Kingchum Electronic Co.,Ltd is a leading exporter of mobile phone accessories and other electronic products from leading manufacturers in China. We carry a complete line of mobile phone accessories including unlocking box, hot air reworking, power station, soldering station, screw driver, charger, battery and cellphone spareparts such as flex cable, LCD etc..
Guangzhou Kingchum Electronic Co.,Ltd had a reputation for always staying ahead of curve, in an aggressive, creative & proactive manner. We continue to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing market by maintaining a commitment to innovation, strategy that emphasize cost efficient operations, meticulous focus on products quality and timely service.
Our R&D team devotes themselves to the exterior design and the core tech-development of the products, we have experienced staffs and many production lines, our customers can be fully satisfied.
Corporate philosophy:
We are at Guangzhou Kingchum Electronic Co.,Ltd, strive to provide our customers with highest level of quality and service with utmost integrity, honesty and fairness is our passion.
Mission statement:
Honesty, initiative, teamwork , our ability to respond effectively to change in all aspects of life including technology, culture and environment.
We will create a work environment, which motivates, recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels of the organization.
We will always conduct ourselves with integrity and strive to be the best & remain the best.        ems        tnt        UPS        中国银行        westernunion        moneygram