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ProductName:Digital Multimeter DT9205A
Market Price:9.3Dollar/pcs
Now Price:8.8Dollar/pcs


•100% brand new and high quality
•Weight: 380g
•Large LCD display with high accuracy
•Measure AC/ DC voltage, AC/ DC current, resistance, capacitance and diode
•Stable performance, high reliability
•Max LCD display: 1999
•Operating condition: 0 to 40
•Power Supply:9V battery
•Comes with one black test lead and one red test lead
•LCD display panel angle selection: with the button in the top case, the display panel can be rotated to the best angle
•Digital multimeter is a great tool for electricians, contractors, and other such professions as well as being a handy tool to have around the house for home repair.

Electrical Specification:  

    Function Range Accuracy Resolution
    DC Vol. 200mV +-(0.5%+3d) 0.1mV
    2v +-(0.8%+2d) 1mV
    20v 10mV
    200v 0.1V
    1000v +-(0.8%+4d) 0.5V
    AC Vol. 200mV +-(1.2%+5d) 0.1mV
    2V +-(1.0%+5d) 1mV
    20V 10mV
    200V 0.1V
    750V +-(1.2%+5d) 0.375V
    AC Amp. 2mA +-(2.0%+3d) 0.001mA
    20mA 0.01mA
    200mA +-(2.0%+5d) 0.1mA
    20A +-(3.0%+10d) 10mA
    DC Amp. 2mA +-(1.0%+5d) 0.001mA
    20mA 0.01mA
    200mA 0.1mA
    20A +-(2.0%+10d) 10mA
    Resistance 200Ω +-(1.0%+10d) 0.1Ω
    2KΩ +-(1.0%+4d)
    20KΩ 10Ω
    200KΩ 100Ω
    2MΩ 1kΩ
    20MΩ +-(1.0%+5d) 10kΩ
    200MΩ +-(5.0%+20d) 100kΩ
    Capacitance 20nF +-(4.0%+5d) 0.01nF
    200nF 0.1nF
    2µF 1nF
    20µF 10nF
    200µF +-(5.0%+10d) 100nF
    Diode Forward current:1mA(Approx); Reverse voltage:2.8V
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